April 06 2015 0Comment

Infrastructure investment is critical for Africa’s growth and development

Delegates at the two-day Infrastructure Africa Business Forum held in Sandton, South Africa, last week, heard that African governments need to create the environment for business to invest in infrastructure, as infrastructure investment is critical for Africa’s growth and development.

The Minister of Finance in Zambia, Felix Mutati, said African governments should create a conducive environment in their respective countries that will generate appetite among the private sector to invest in infrastructure projects in the continent.

One of the objectives of the Infrastructure Africa Business Forum, held in Sandton, 21-22 August 2017, was to encourage public-private partnerships in the development of world class infrastructure in Africa.

“I have no doubt that despite the daunting challenges that we experience as a continent when it comes to addressing the infrastructure deficit, we shall overcome if governments are working effectively together with the private sector. But it is important for the government to define its role clearly.


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